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Smile, you’re paying

With the steady rise of biometrics our bodies are becoming the future of payment security. Nowadays it is enough with just a quick smile or a wave of the hand, as set in the recently launched Biometric Checkout Program by Mastercard.

The biometric leverage to the Financial Industry

From 2020 to now, digital onboarding has become more frequent for both online and offline banking. Still, implementation, cost, UX and privacy real or imaginary challenges are holding back a wider implementation. B-FY’s solution successfully addresses these challenges.

Higher education challenged by Z’s and Alphas 

As the higher education industry is undergoing a major transformation to meet the demands of the new generations of students born in a technological environment, cyber attackers have found a new target. Meanwhile, biometric technology is proving to be a valuable solution to secure students’ data and improve the user’s experience both in virtual and physical campuses.

The biometric edge for the educational industry

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, the educational sector has seen drastic changes. Online learning took a leap and learning in a physical classroom disappeared across the world. As students get

Why the healthcare industry is investing in biometrics

value of 74.08 billion U.S. dollars (68.6 billion euros) by the end of 2028. Why? As the industry shifts from paper to electronic records, it needs more secure and reliable form of authentication: biometric ID.