ATIO Group introduces B-FY, the first biometric identification solution in Mexico that enables people to refuel from a mobile phone.

Mexico, July, 2022. ATIO® Group introduces B-FY in Mexico, the first IDaaS (Identification as a Service) solution that effectively identifies people when refueling using the biometrics of the face and fingerprint of each driver from their mobile phone.

With B-FY, companies will have complete control of who is fueling their vehicles. For fleet drivers, fueling is simple using their mobile phone to confirm biometric identification, just as if they are unlocking their mobile phone.

This solution combines high security standards with great usability for drivers, while protecting personal information.

The fleet driver will arrive at a gas station, request payment with B-FY and once identified by the app on their mobile phone, fill up with petrol or diesel without the need to use cash or cards for additional payments.

Through the ControlGAS® management solution, the filling of the tank will be immediately registered in the fleet account, the service station management, the fuel inventory and the fiscal requirements of the authority.

“Biometric identification is based on the recognition of physical parameters that are unique to each person and that allow us to truly identify each user, without the possibility of impersonation, making it a reliable method to ensure the security of each load,” explained Mario Coeto Guevara, General Manager of the Software Division of ATIO® Group.

“The app identifies the QR code generated dynamically by the point-of-sale terminal, which is checked on a central server, which then requests the biometric identification on the mobile phone, and in a matter of milliseconds, the driver is biometrically identified and can continue to carry out the refuelling,” added Coeto Guevara.

The identifications are integrated into the ControlGAS® solution, developed by ATIO® Group, which is used today by more than 5,000 gas stations.

“B-FY is the first and only solution of its kind in Mexico for the payment of fuel through biometric identification and is already available to ControlGAS® customers and fleet companies throughout the country,” said Coeto Guevara.

More information ATIO® Group: “Fuel moves the world, ATIO® moves the world of fuel”.

ATIO® Group is the leading company dedicated to providing technology for the automation and control of fuel supply, as well as for the vehicles and devices that consume it. The group offers coverage throughout Latin America from its corporate headquarters in Mexico City, its regional offices in Miami, Buenos Aires and a network of 20 authorised distributors throughout the region.

ControlGAS® is the software created in 1997 by ATIO® Group, with the technology to optimise the operation of Service Stations through the automation of operational and administrative processes, complying with all sector regulations, especially those related to the Volumetric Controls regulated by the SAT.

FuelGATE® is the first and only system in Latin America for the automation and control of fuel supply operations at airports, a solution with which all airports in Mexico, as well as the main airports in Colombia and Peru, operate.

More information B-FY®: “Identify individuals, eliminate fraud and protect privacy”

B-FY® is a technology company that is the first one to truly identify individuals, eliminate fraud and protect privacy, all at the same time. The privacy protection of the end user in one of our most important promises, and that makes us different from most of our competitors.

B-FY® began as Biocryptology® in 2012 as an advanced hardware company, integrating biometric systems with payment methods. Now as, B-FY, we have the mission to eliminate criminal activity by using people’s unique biometric identities like never before.

Our innovative solution creates a universal identification system that does not require passwords or ID keys, it instead uses biometric data to identify each person no matter whether they are going to their office at work, attending a concert or attempting to withdraw money from their bank. It is simple, trustworthy and completely secure to each person.