Three ways B-FY’s biometric authentication adds value to the healthcare sector

The collaboration between technology and healthcare is more crucial than ever, and B-FY's biometric authentication is leading the way towards a safer and more efficient healthcare sector.

Security in the healthcare sector is a constant concern, and biometric authentication technology has become an essential tool to address this challenge. B-FY can assist the healthcare industry in providing greater security to its users through a unique and effective collaboration. 

According to Cybersecurity Ventures, the cost of cybercrimes will reach $10.5 trillion annually (approximately 9.9 trillion euros) by 2025. Furthermore, according to IBM's Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023, globally, "data breaches currently have an average cost of $4.45 million (approximately 4.21 million euros) per incident." 

According to the same IBM report, "since 2020, data breach costs in the healthcare sector have increased by 53.3%." Over the past 13 years, the report states, "the healthcare industry consistently reported the most expensive data breaches, with an average cost of $10.93 million (approximately 10.35 million euros)." 

Moreover, unlike other sectors where cyberattacks only have financial or reputational costs for companies, in healthcare, the consequences can be very serious for patients. 

Collaboration to add value to the end user 

In this landscape, ensuring the data of patients and users of healthcare services against attacks or breaches is imperative for the sector. In this regard, B-FY's biometric authentication solution is a value-added element to the service that healthcare companies provide to their users. B-FY offers its technology for healthcare sector clients to integrate into their own applications and provide an innovative and secure service to their users. 

This collaboration is essential because it places the end customer at the center, allowing healthcare sector companies to provide a more efficient, user-friendly, and fully protected service against cyberattacks to their users. B-FY thus becomes a strategic partner in the search for reliable and effective biometric authentication solutions. 

An omnichannel solution offering greater security 

Currently, many healthcare companies still use usernames and passwords as the primary method of authentication. However, this practice presents significant risks, as passwords can be stolen or compromised, allowing unauthorized access to sensitive data. 

B-FY addresses this challenge by completely eliminating the need for passwords. B-FY's decentralized biometric authentication technology allows users to authenticate locally on their mobile devices using their own biometrics, such as fingerprints or facial recognition. This not only increases security but also simplifies the authentication process for users. 

To ensure security, B-FY employs a two-step process: first, the user's identity is verified through a dynamic QR code, demonstrating their physical presence at the access point. Then, the user is asked to authenticate biometrically, ensuring accurate and secure authentication in less than 3 seconds. 

Furthermore, B-FY is an omnichannel solution. This means that users can use the same healthcare company app to access both physical and digital services. 

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Three ways to add value 

In a world where healthcare security is a priority, B-FY is a reliable ally that enables safer access, more efficient healthcare, and an enhanced user experience in the healthcare sector. Here are three ways in which B-FY contributes to adding value to the healthcare industry: 

1. Simplified physical and digital access 

One of the major challenges in the healthcare sector is ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive areas or confidential information. With B-FY, decentralized biometric authentication makes physical and digital access more secure and straightforward. 

In hospitals and clinics, employees and visitors can use their mobile devices to access restricted areas, medical consultations, or laboratories without the need for complex passwords. This streamlines processes, eliminates queues, and ensures that only authorized individuals gain access. 

Additionally, in the digital realm, patients can access their medical records and telehealth services quickly and securely. There is no longer a need to remember passwords, simplifying the user experience and reducing the risk of unauthorized access. 

2. Telehealth and 24/7 care 

Telehealth has experienced significant growth in recent years, providing remote medical care to patients worldwide. However, this convenience also comes with risks, especially in terms of data security and authentication. 

B-FY addresses this issue by offering secure and efficient biometric authentication. Patients can access their doctors through video conferences and receive healthcare services 24/7, without worrying about forgotten or stolen passwords. 

Furthermore, B-FY allows healthcare companies to offer premium services, such as quick access to specialized doctors, to patients in need. This enhances the quality of care and provides patients with the assurance that they are interacting with authorized healthcare professionals. 

3. Streamlining hospital processes 

Efficiency is essential in hospital settings. B-FY contributes to speeding up processes that used to be cumbersome and slow. For example, in patient reception, users can quickly identify themselves using biometric authentication, avoiding unnecessary queues and delays. 

Moreover, in medical consultations or procedures requiring precise identification, B-FY ensures that patients are attended to without delays. There is no longer a need to print tickets or take waiting numbers; biometric identification enables fast and secure access. 

A triple Advantage 

Thus, collaboration with B-FY in the healthcare sector offers a triple advantage: it enhances the user experience, protects user data, and prevents fraud. Decentralized biometric authentication eliminates the need for passwords and ensures secure access in both physical and digital environments. 

Furthermore, B-FY complies with all European data protection and security regulations, providing healthcare companies with the necessary confidence to implement new digital services and ensure the security of their users. 

Benefits of B-FY for the Healthcare Sector 

In summary, collaborating with B-FY allows the healthcare sector to offer a higher level of security to its users, improve the user experience, and facilitate the implementation of advanced digital services. 

  • Improved User Experience: Users can access quickly and securely without the hassle of passwords, enhancing their experience. 
  • User Data Protection: B-FY ensures that users' biometric data is protected and not stored or transmitted insecurely. 
  • Fraud Prevention: By eliminating passwords, the risk of fraud and unauthorized access is drastically reduced. 
  • Facilitation of New Digital Services: B-FY's technology enables healthcare companies to offer new digital services securely and conveniently. 
  • Regulatory Compliance: B-FY complies with European data protection and security regulations.